Over time, the transport industry has faced great challenges, one of them has been the correct use of fuel and its loss in driving units.

Fuel losses can occur in different ways, from the extraction of the fuel directly from the tanks of the unit, to the delivery of tickets for quantities that do not correspond to the actual loads.


of the cost of fuel for the transportation industry.

The profits of a single trip can decrease notably by a



Taking into consideration the precision and repeatability that a system requires to be reliable of the measurement an administration of fuel, we have developed the Diesel Monitoring System, a completely digital technology with technological advantages that allow the highest precision of fuel measurement in cargo units, surpassing the problems that other technologies face and highlighting features.


  • Expansion capability to use up too 6 sensors
  • Real time fuel charge and discharge of fuel with exact location
  • Uninterrupted operation of level measurement
  • Notification of failure or connection/ disconnection of the sensor in real time
  • Administration by trip
  • Intelligent energy savings
  • Immunity against temperatures and voltage changes
  • Fuel graphics and reports
  • Customization of web services to interact with each carrier systems


It allows knowing remotely and instantly the fuel status in each unit.

Evaluate the performance of the unit by trip or by date.

In the operational side, we have the solution to optimize performance and productivity in the unit management.

Fuel Monitoring in real time

The amount of available fuel in each tank can be checked remotely and at any time.

Automatic detection of charges and discharges

The system automatically detects fuel charges and discharges generating notifications the indicates the volume of each charge.

Geographic location of charges and discharges

Once detected the system indicates the exact location and time where and when they are performed, generating automatic alerts when prompted.