BNX App Studio

Where we help you to turn your idea into technology solutions

BNX App Studio is a division of BraNix dedicated to developing custom software for mobile and enterprise solutions

Software Development Services

"A mobile app is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for your business”

Mobile Apps

Have you ever thought that you have a good idea for an App but don't know to go about developing it? The creative team of BNX Apps Studio, has developed a methodology to help you visualize your idea to guide and develop it to make it available to your customers and begin to see the results in the shortest time possible.


  • Visibility to customers at all times
  • Create a direct marketing channel
  • Provides value to your customers
  • Build brand recognition
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Makes you stand out from the competition
  • Cultivate customer loyalty

Web Applications

When designing a new web application, it is important not only to create an experience that appeals to the user, we must ensure that also meets its objectives. Whether your goal is to attract more visitors to your business website, optimize processes, entertain, educate or inform, it has to be have a visually attractive, intuitive interface and carefully considered. Our team of specialists have the experience to help design the most appropriate solution that allows you to solve and address each of your requirements.

Enterprise Software

We help companies create software solutions that streamline workflows, reduce the so-called "bottlenecks" and allow better and faster access to information, leaving more time to visualize new opportunities and a greater commitment to the clients.

Having an enterprise software developed to suit your needs, is good for revenue and retention of its employees. Gives your team the technological tools they need to be more successful to meet their objectives. We can help clean the outdated practices, accelerate the exchange of information and create new life for your company.







Each new software development project begins with a phase of ideation, setting a solid foundation outlining all the goals and objectives necessary to achieve the proper development of your app.

We plan before developing

Our multifaceted project team will work closely with you to determine the requirements to bring your application to life. We take time to understand all your goals short and long term business objectives and user needs for us to reach the best possible strategy.

Once you have established the basis on which we develop a solid plan work, our creative team can begin to establish the design.


A good custom application is not only useful, it is also visually appealing and offers users an enjoyable and easy to use. That's where comes in the importance of design. We want your application not only meets all its objectives but have the appearance and form you imagine.

We give life to your ideas

Having established a clear direction and a strong work strategy is defined, our graphic designers work closely translate this concept into a rich and creative design. The development of the app itself does not start until the entire design is reviewed and approved by you.


The translation of an original design to a custom application that works, requires experience. It is at this point where years of experience make the difference. View your concepts become reality, with the flexibility to adapt as the project progresses.

Our team is multifaceted and include a development coordinator, a designer and several dedicated software developers who work closely together to ensure all needs are met and to achieve a quality end product. Let us build your ideas.

Our development coordinator works directly with the client to determine the technical specifications and communicates this information to the team.

Using an agile methodology, developed in determined phases, giving the customer the opportunity to give us their feedback before proceeding with the next phase of development. Through a series of high level testing, we ensure that the quality of each phase is accomplished.


After the final stage of development, the application is ready for final testing. We believe in building strong, reliable and long-lived applications. To accomplish this, we put our software through rigorous testing so that the final product meets your expectations.

We deliver

Once the project is completed, our work does not stop there. We will be available to support you through support. It is very important for us to make strong relationships with our customers at every stage of development.